Monday, July 23, 2018

Solo Exhibition "Reflections on the City"

Out of the blue, an unexpected and wonderful opportunity. I was offered a solo exhibition during the month of August by Chashama, an organization providing venues for artists all around the city in which to exhibit. Of course I jumped at this chance to show a large body of work in a spectacular space in midtown Manhattan. Granted the "dog days of August" are so named for a reason, but I know there are plenty of people wandering around Manhattan who might, just might be interested in seeing paintings of the New York urban landscape, or at least I hope so.

I plan to exhibit 36 paintings in this large and well-lit street level space located at 485 Madison Avenue between 51st and 52nd Streets from August 3-29 with a reception on Wednesday, August 8th from 6-8pm.

There is a tremendous amount of work to be done in a very short period of time but this artist is up to the challenge.

If you are in NYC please stop by to see my exhibition, "Reflections on the City."

Here is a link to the Chashama website with more information.

And here is a link to a write-up in Fine Art Connoisseur's Fine Art Today Newsletter

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Upper West Sider

Miss Martha
Oil on canvas
16x12 inches

My friend Martha passed away at the end of March after a long and difficult hospital stay. We met 23 years ago in an ovarian cancer support group and became fast friends. You wouldn't know when visiting her Upper West Side apartment that you were in Manhattan and not somewhere out in the Wild West. You see, Martha loved everything western themed - cowboys, cowgirls, etc. and decorated her apartment, top to bottom, with all sorts of ephemera relating to that very topic. I so enjoyed visiting her there, always noting the plastic pink flamingo she had perched outside on her windowsill.

Martha was one of a kind. One of the wittiest people I have ever known. Quick on the draw - verbally - and always her zingers made me laugh out loud. I so miss being able to talk with her and share the absurdities of life, especially now, during these dark and trying times.

I had taken a photo of her sitting at her desk - she was an editor by profession - and decided to do this painting. Although my paintings usually revolve around architecture, buildings, reflections and the urban landscape, I do at times attempt a portrait or figure study. While I was working on this painting I was comforted by many memories and found it a cathartic process in which to remember my friend.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Reflections around Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle Reflections
Oil on canvas
24x18 inches

A new painting to share today. This one was tricky. I actually started working on it several months ago then set it aside as it was proving to be a struggle. I chose to work on other paintings, something I rarely do. But, as I do like to finish projects that I've started, I went back to the easel determined to finish this painting and I'm happy that I've accomplished that.

There is a gleaming mini hemisphere near Columbus Circle with of course, new construction surrounding it. I was drawn to the colors of the buildings contrasted with the dark metal reflection of the rounded globe.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

A House Upstate

A House Upstate
Oil on canvas
16x20 inches

Recently completed this commissioned painting of a home in upstate New York. Definitely not the bustling city urban landscape I often tackle. Although this subject is somewhat different from what I usually paint, I have to say I really enjoyed working on this painting. The collector was thrilled with the result, gave me a big hug when he saw it, and I know this piece will be installed and treasured in its new home. Commissions are ALWAYS welcome for a working artist as they definitely help to pay the bills.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Seduced by Steel, Glass Concrete - Sharon Florin and Allan Gorman

9th Avenue Reflections Worldwide
Oil on canvas
24x42 inches

I am pleased to announce this new exhibition, a two person show with paintings featuring the urban landscape as portrayed by artist Allan Gorman and myself, curated by Jessica Porter of Porter Advisory. This exhibit can be seen at The Yard, 116 Nassau Street, 5th and 6th floors, a corporate workplace near City Hall, Monday - Friday, 10-6.

There will be an artists reception on Thursday, May 17th from 6-8 pm. If you are in town, hope you can stop by.

For contact and additional information, here is a link to the press release.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Springsteen on Broadway!

Springsteen on Broadway
Oil on canvas
12x9 inches

Put the finishing touches on this new painting depicting the Walter Kerr theater featuring the wonderful production of "Springsteen on Broadway." I had the great pleasure of seeing this show and it was nothing short of magical. Being an artist and a long-time Springsteen fan, of course I had to do a painting to add to my ongoing New York urban landscape oeuvre. So, here it is.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ah, the wonderful Chrysler Building

Mister Mark's Chrysler II
Oil on canvas
16x12 inches

I just finished this painting, another view from on high featuring the always magnificent Chrysler building. Loved the light and the soft golden glow that was cast on the buildings when this photograph was taken. A big thank-you to my friend Mark for sharing his photograph, the inspiration for this painting.