Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stoop Sitting at the Salmagundi

Salmagundi Stoop Sitters
Oil on canvas
12x9 inches

In this new painting, 3 women are sitting on the broad brownstone steps of the venerable Salmagundi Club on Fifth Avenue and 12th Street. Stoop sitters were once a common sight with people congregating outdoors to catch up on local gossip, get a breath of fresh air and check out the goings-on in the neighborhood. These 3 caught my eye as I was leaving an art exhibit at the club a few years ago and there was something about this intimate scene that gave me the idea of this painting.

When I was growing up in a Queen's co-op, we didn't have stoops but we did have copings, short brick walls where both kids and adults gathered to meet up and congregate. Sometimes the residents in the apartments facing the street and the copings were none too happy due to the noise that filtered up to their homes, but that was the neighborhood.

Stoop sitters as well as fire escape sitters are still around, but not as numerous as they once were in this urban city.

For more information on the Salmaguni Club, here is a link.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Vanishing New York Diner

Afternoon at the Gramercy Diner
Oil on canvas
8x10 inches

Read this article today on the disappearance of the neighborhood diner and it really hit home. Growing up in Queens with a working mother who did not like to cook, many of the meals we had were eaten at neighborhood diners and this is the type of restaurant that I still prefer frequenting when eating out.

Several years ago I did this painting of the Gramercy Diner on 17th Street in Manhattan. This place, like so many others, closed a few months ago and now brown paper covers the windows. Not sure what will be opening in the space, or when that will even occur, with so many vacant storefronts dotting New York's streets these days.

Monday, June 26, 2017

New York Artists Equity

As a long time member of New York Artists Equity, I'm pleased they have found a new gallery space on the Lower East Side. I admire the work of many of the artists who founded the organization almost 70 years ago. It's so important to be part of a community of artists and I'm proud to be a member.

Several weeks ago I was interviewed for the Community section of their website. If you'd like to read it, here is a link to the interview.

Photo of the building housing NYAE's gallery

Monday, June 12, 2017

A view from 14th Street

View from 14th Street
Oil on canvas
12x9 inches

When visiting a friend I was struck by the view from her apartment - a lot of light, air and sky. The older buildings dotting the East Village are still in evidence with the soaring skyscrapers of the Financial district shrouded in fog looming in the background.

I do enjoying attempting to capture the city as I know it today on canvas. So many changes at such a rapid clip. In the lower left hand corner out of view in this painting, is a large project currently under construction with murmurs that more are to come. Not surprising in the city that is constantly tearing something down to build something new.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Orchard Street back then

Orchard Street Shoes
Oil on canvas
10x8 inches

The Long Island City Arts Open was a flurry of activity with my participation in a group exhibition, Plastique 2 and an open studio week-end. The people who stopped by were genuinely interested in my work and I did make a sale or two which is always nice.

This is one of the paintings chosen by a collector. It is one of my older New York City scenes as evidenced by the subject - an Orchard Street shoe seller, displaying his wares outside of his shop. Many of these small mom and pop shops on the Lower East Side, in what is considered to be America's first mall, are no longer around. When I was younger, I used to love going with my parents on a Sunday to the LES to have lunch and then do some shopping and take photographs. It seemed everyone was out on the street, shopkeeper's hawking their goods and always crowds of shopper's looking for bargains. No one paid retail as it was a given that there would be a little back and forth when it came to price, and it was always an experience - diverse, colorful, noisy and in retrospect, pretty wonderful.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Plastique Deux group exhibition LIC Arts Open 2017

A Long Island City Sampler
Installation composed of 37 individual pieces
Fabric, Plastic, Inkjet Prints, Panels
Approx. size 6x6 ft.

Yesterday afternoon saw me wheeling my handcart through the streets of Long island City, on my way to install my artwork in the group exhibition, Plastique Deux, on view during the 2017 Long Island City Arts Open. My "sampler" is composed of who I am - a long time LIC artist and quilter/fiber art maker. I created 16 12x12 inch quilted wallhangings featuring prints of some of the LIC-themed paintings I'd created since finding my studio in 1980. In addition, there are 16 6x6 inch panels and 5 12x12 inch panels covered with fabric, Queens imagery and plastics. The challenge was to incorporate plastic material manufactured by PLAXALL, a local business in the area for 70 years and very supportive of the artistic community. I used a variety of clear and multicolored sheets of plastic pill holders throughout in the installation.

Once I arrived at the Anable Basin Space, 4-40 44th Drive, a huge space down on the East River waterfront, I set to work measuring, climbing up and down a ladder, bending, and hammering. 4 hours later the artwork was installed and today I have an aching back as a result. The price we pay for art.

On Friday, May 19th from 6-9pm we will have our opening reception and I hope some of you can stop by. Here is a link to an article on the exhibit.

I will also be having an open studio on Saturday and Sunday. Lot's going on in the nabe these next few days, it promises to be a busy and artful time.

For more information on Plastique Deux and the 2017 Long Island City Arts open click here.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Long Island City Arts Open 2017

The 7th Annual Long Island City Arts Open will take place on May 17-21, with artists open studios on May 20-21 from 12-5pm.
I will be opening my studio to the public this year. For more information on events, directions and an artists directory click here

In addition, my work can be seen in a group exhibition, Plastique2, in a large space down by the waterfront. I've created an installation which includes 37 components using imagery of my paintings combined with fiber art and plastics. Plaxall, a Long Island City manufacturer of plastic materials, donated the space for the exhibition. Wonderful views of the Manhattan skyline can be seen here as well. This was a bit different from my usual artmaking activities. Plastique2