Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pepsi Sign in LIC

The sign is moving???

Oil on canvas
12 x 9 inches

Today I read online that the Pepsi sign, a well-known landmark on the LIC waterfront, will be moved, due to the new and never-ending development in the area. They're moving the sign, what next? I did this painting of the sign with the NY skyline in 1986 - back when the waterfront was undeveloped and the views of the skyline were unobstructed. So many of the buildings and scenes in my paintings have changed and continue to change, and this is just one more for the list.

Pepsi Sign in LIC

Last week my cousin Joni and her co-worker Paola were visiting NYC on business and they made a studio visit. After showing them my paintings and around the studio we had dinner in the neighborhood and then strolled down to the waterfront to enjoy the beautiful skyline views as the sun was setting. I pointed out the Pepsi sign and took this photo, thinking I might do a painting of it. Well, I'm glad to know that the sign will remain, even if it won't be in it's original spot! And so it goes...

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