Friday, October 3, 2008

An Edward Hopper Week

First the boyhood home

Hopper House Gallery photo taken October 1, 2008

Last Sunday I attended the reception for the "Small Matters of Great Importance" exhibit at the Hopper House Gallery and had a delightful afternoon. The house itself, boyhood home of artist Edward Hopper, is a small space, the rooms very compact. Nice wooden floors throughout, and nice light streaming in through the windows. And article appeared in the area newspaper and my painting "LIC Courthouse-Flag" was reproduced, very nice. Click here to read article

This week-end I'll continue with my Edward Hopper journey when I visit his studio in Greenwich Village. It will be open to the public as part of the Open House New York week-end, a great event that I enjoy every year. It's a wonderful way to go behind the scenes of some interesting sites in New York. Click here to check out the sites that will be open to the public.

Work on the LIC series for the upcoming December show is still going along like gangbusters. My friend designed a really nice brochure that is now at the printers. Gearing up for a great show!

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