Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Business of Show

Got the proof of the card today

"French Reflections"
Oil on canvas
30 x 36 inches

Finally finished wrapping up paintings for the show. Today the curator emailed the proof for the card. This painting of the Fred French building on Fifth Avenue was the image he selected and is a favorite of mine. The idea of the grid is something I use often in my work as is evident in this painting, and of course Manhattan is laid out in a grid pattern above 14th Street. Below 14th is another story altogether. What a splendid piece of architecture the French building is with its beautiful decorative flourishes. Add to that its reflection in the building across the street and you have something wonderful indeed.

I was taking photos last week-end and took this one of the top of the Fred French building. Might become a painting one day. Now back to taking care of the business stuff so that I can get this show on the road.


Kristine said...

Nice to find your blog. Congratulations of the exhibit.

Joni Taylor said...

Wow! My world looks so different with each painting you create. Thank you@! I love this one!!!

Andrew said...

I have been in search of such interesting Articles, I am on a holiday its good to see that everyone are trying their best to keep up the Spirit by having such great articles posted.

Cheers, Keep it up.

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