Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One more week until showtime!

The countdown begins

Cover for catalogue for "Triple Play: Flatiron/Gramercy from 3 Angles"

The cover of our catalogue features my painting of the Flatiron, a painting by Susan Pyzow of Scheffel Hall at night and a linocut of Emily Trueblood's wonderful water towers. I think we chose these images because they are our personal favorites.

After a lot of painting, printmaking and planning our exhibit will open next Tuesday, October 19th with an opening reception on the 21st. Speaking for myself, Susan and Emily, I can say that we are all excited to have our work on view at long last at the Franklin 54 Gallery. During the past year we met several times at my studio to work on a catalogue for the exhibit. With the wonders of technology - a Mac, iPhoto and 3 talented artists, the end result is something we are pleased with and the art really stands out on the pages. Catalogues will be for sale at the gallery.

Last week we three distributed our brochures to places in the neighborhoods whose subjects appear in our works. Everyone we met was extremely enthusiastic when learning about this collaborative effort. Doing the legwork is part of the business of show and we are doing our best.

Packing up my paintings and delivering them to the gallery later today. The die is cast, let the show begin!

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