Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Iconic Empire

Reflections on the ESB

"Empire Reflections"
Oil on canvas
14 x11 inches

A few months ago I exited the subway on 18th Street and Seventh Avenue and looked southward. It was a sunny day, late in the afternoon, and reflected on the facade of a newly erected glass building, was the Empire State Building. Wow, that image got my attention. I often noticed reflections of this building all around town and it was high time to do a reflection painting. Truly a beloved symbol of New York City, one I've painted more than once. I noted the time of day and a few days later headed back to the same site with my camera. Took a bunch of photos and this painting is the result. There are a lot of details in this smaller scaled painting and I loved the color variations that the multi-colored glass facade created. It just seems I can't turn around without finding something that inspires me to paint in this city. And that's a good thing.

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