Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Recap of exhibit at Ten10 Studios, May 2012

The exhibit at Ten10 Studios in Long Island City last week-end was an absolute blast. I met so many people, young and old, from the LIC neighborhood and from many other places as well. Dan Dougherty, my collector and the curator of the exhibit went all out, working hard to make this show a success. The fun began with the reception on Thursday evening. What a spread, the food and beverages were plentiful and tasty. A guitarist added another element to the festivities. The show was installed beautifully by Dan's friends Debbie, Juan and Jorge. Hanging 50 paintings on two floors was a feat and they pulled it off. I left the reception at 10pm and they were still going strong into the wee hours. The following 3 days were spent in meeting more folks, selling a bunch of paintings and garnering some commission work. It was a lot of work for a 4-day exhibit, but it was worth the effort. Many thanks to Dan and his crew, Jesse Winter of Ten10 Studios, my friends and collectors old and new, and everyone who stopped in to see my exhibit during the LIC Arts Open 2012.


Melissa B. Tubbs said...

Sharon, your 4-day exhibition looks and sounds fantastic! What a wonderful way to exhibit, meet new people and sell your art. One day I WILL see your work in person.

Irish Erin said...

My Favorite Uncle Dan has told me so much about you and your work, I had to check out your site. WOW! AMAZING! What an inspiration for me! I just began oil painting about a year ago...totally self-taught by alot of reading, sketching, painting trial by error lol. I love painting and it really helps me express myself. Thankfully, Dan is such a big support for me and an encouragement. GREAT JOB! I AM COMPLETELY AWESTRUCK!!!! Erin