Monday, December 9, 2013

The Crescent Grill Brothers

Last Thursday's reception at the Dougherty Gallery at the Crescent Grill was a really nice event. The small exhibition was beautifully installed by the curator and the selection of urban-themed work was terrific. When I first walked into the restaurant, there on an easel was the painting I was commissioned to do of Dan and his brother Shaun in front of their newly-opened restaurant.

Pen and ink study for commission

Thought you might like to see the process of this painting's creation. I started with several photographs and combined two, doing a pen and ink study to make sure the composition worked well.

Crescent Grill
Oil on canvas
14 x 11 inches

Here is the finished painting. I do not consider myself a portrait painter by any means, but I do enjoy painting figures and have them show up in my paintings from time to time.

In the end, they were happy with the painting and I was relieved that they were. Now I'm looking forward to to some upcoming dinners with friends at the Crescent Grill during the holiday season.

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