Thursday, June 4, 2015

Art and Healing

Last night I attended a reception at one of Memorial Sloan Kettering's facilities where 3 of my paintings - 2 in the permanent collection and one on loan - were displayed among 121 art works installed throughout the facility on several floors. Cast Iron SoHo and NAC, my painting of the National Arts Club, were beautifully installed and lit. As Sarah Campbell, the MSK curator explains in the handout for Vantage Points, "down to the subtlest details, these artworks on view were strategically positioned based on how near or far individuals would be from each artwork and even their scope of peripheral vision. Vantage Points demonstrates the necessity of embracing that patients and caregivers are unique individuals with diverse tastes, preferences and needs. By viewing treatment centers from the vantage point of each patient and caregiver, one can more thoughtfully make decisions to serve and inspire them."

Several of my paintings are also included in installations in other MSK facilities. Back in March, the online art magazine, Hyperallergic ran an article "Curating for the Cure: Medical Facilities Embrace the Power of Art" and some of my work was featured. Here is a link to the article.

As an artist and cancer survivor myself, I know first-hand the healing power that art - both creating it and viewing it - can bring.

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