Monday, June 2, 2008

The 59th Street Bridge aka Queensborough Bridge

Continuing on the theme of bridges...

"59th Street Bridge Reflections"
Oil on canvas
36 x 30 inches

Since the anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge I thought I'd share a new bridge painting today. The 59th Street Bridge - ahhhh, memories - countless rides over this bridge, walking it during the NYC transit strikes, and hiking it during the last blackout. I remember getting stuck once right in the middle of the bridge - my car just stalled. Luckily I was towed off, but when you're the cause of a traffic backup, it's DEFINITELY not fun. Maybe that's one of the reasons I no longer have a car? At any rate, I saw this wonderful reflection of the bridge from a spot on York Avenue. A newly constructed, black, glass-fronted building acted as a wonderful backdrop for these bridge reflections in the late afternoon sun.

Limited-edition giclée prints of this painting are available. For more info, check out

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Denis said...


Looks great! Really, really interesting, abstract shapes and vibrant colors. Your vivid memories and fond recollections infuse the painting with much passion.