Thursday, June 26, 2008

Window Watching on 9th Avenue

Bricks galore

"9th Avenue Lady in Window"
Oil on canvas
16 x 20 inches

Continuing with the window watchers, today I'm posting this older painting that I came across while going through my racks that I really like. An interesting story about this painting. When it was exhibited several years ago, a gentleman came up to me at the opening reception and told me that this painting reminded him of a story. He had been born and raised in the Bronx and had not been back to visit for many years. When he did return, an old woman came up to him and excitedly started talking, but he couldn't remember her. Then, it came to him. She was the mother of a childhood friend and he didn't recognize her because he had only seen her from the waist up, looking out of her window, when he was a child. Here she was now, standing before him as a whole person, and it was the first time he'd seen her in that light. A nice memory.

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Stephen Magsig said...

Sharon, Wonderful NYC paintings, new to your site from J N Hollingsworth's blog. I am a fellow urban painter.