Sunday, September 14, 2008

Go Yankees

Well, a 7-0 loss isn't exactly a great game but...

Photo taken 9/13/08

With only 10 games left to go before "The House That Ruth Built" is closed down for good, I thought it would be a nice idea to take my brother, a Yankee fan since childhood, to a final game, perhaps to relive some memories. My friend "Yankee Fran", a season ticketholder, was kind enough to give me 2 tickets to the game, what a pal! The place was packed. My brother had lots of stories to tell such attending the first ever Bat Day, being present for Mickey Mantle Day, his boyhood hero, and then there was the time a fly ball zoomed into the stands and landed smack into the mouth of his friend Eddie - not exactly the way to catch a ball.

The game wasn't anything to write home about, the Yanks losing 7-0 with few hits, but since I've only been to about 3 games in my life, I enjoyed sitting in the crowd, watching the action on the field and taking lots of photos with the idea, of course, of doing a painting or two of an historic building that will soon be disappearing from the NYC landscape - my specialty it seems. Here's a painting I did in 1989 of the famous frieze surrounding the topmost section of the stadium.

"Yankee Stadium"
Oil on canvas
10 x 8 iinches

An artist friend, Andy Jurinko, is a master at painting the golden era of baseball and has done many paintings of baseball stadiums, players and historic moments in the game, someone worth checking out if you enjoy this subject.

I did get a photo of the new stadium currently under construction and it's looking pretty spiffy. I just might have to go to a game, if I can afford a ticket, when it opens next year.

Photo taken 9/13/08

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