Monday, January 11, 2010

Citicorp Lobby Showcases in LIC

The show is up and running

"LIC Courthouse Fountain"
Oil on canvas
10 x 10 inches

"Urbanesque", a new exhibit, has been installed in the 6 lobby showcases located in the atrium of the Citicorp building, One Court Square. In this exhibit, sponsored by Women in the Arts Foundation, Inc., 4 artists explore the urban landscape, with several paintings of the LIC area included as well. Works by Carole Barlowe, Elinore Bucholtz, Diane Waller and Sharon Florin (curator) will be on view through the end of March. Hours are Monday - Friday, 7am - 7pm.

Installation day was pretty interesting. I had a chance to meet with several of the art staff at Citicorp. They manage a very large corporate collection and one of my favorite artists, Charles Sheeler, is represented in their holdings. We had lunch in the company cafeteria and I was then taken to the 50th floor where I was treated to the amazing views from on high. Luckily I had my camera with me and was able to get some interesting photos. During lunch, I spoke about being an artist in LIC for close to 30 years, and we talked a bit about the neighborhood and it's history. As you can imagine, folks working in the building often don't venture out into the nabe, but I did my best to extoll the virtues of LIC and urged them to get out and explore. Curating a show was also a new experience. I enjoyed meeting the artists and presenting them with an opportunity to exhibit their artwork.

One of my paintings of the Long Island City Courthouse was featured on liQcity, a popular neighborhood blog. Here's the link.

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