Friday, March 26, 2010

The Week in Review

Some interesting news...

Oil on canvas
24 x 18 inches

Read that the Brill Building on Broadway was granted landmark status this week. Hurrah! Always great news to see some of the older, architecturally significant buildings saved and cherished. My city changes so quickly and so many buildings disappear that it's comforting to see some of the old favorites remain standing. The art deco facade is enchanting. And let's not forget all of the FABULOUS music that flowed out of that building over the years. A lot of talent walked those halls and pounded those piano keys and it is a true New York landmark to be sure.

Another interesting tidbit. The other day a friend sent a wonderful video of a short D.A. Pennebaker film of the long gone 3rd Avenue El train, set to music. It was filmed two years before the El was demolished in the 1950's and shares a glimpse of a New York that once was. To view, click the link

And, to wrap it up, some art show news to share. I will be exhibiting several paintings in a Martha's Vineyard gallery in August. Spoke with the gallery owner who has chosen an interesting selection of work for a group show themed "the urban landscape." A good fit with my subject matter of choice. Happy to see some of my paintings "go traveling" this summer. More info to come.

A good week, all in all.


Melissa B. Tubbs said...

Love this painting of the Brill Building--the play of the blue/white of the window and the colorful Art Deco ornamentation. Great shadows. Glad to know that it's been given historic status and is safe. Congratulations on the Martha's Vineyard Gallery show this summer. Also, thanks for your comment on my newest drawing of NYC. Glad you like it.

Rinaldo Skalamera said...

What a wonderful painting!