Friday, April 9, 2010

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Cherry Blossoms, Roses and more...

"Botanical Path"
Oil on canvas
24 x 18 inches

Spring has sprung. With all of the wonderful warm weather this past week I couldn't help but notice how quickly the trees are budding and blooming. A spot of particular beauty in this busy metropolis is the the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The famous Cherry Walk will be in full bloom in late April/early May and the Cranford Rose Garden follows soon after in June. I've spent many a happy hour wandering the BBG, taking photographs and painting all types of flora, fauna and the people who visit. As much as I love painting the architecture of New York, I always try to find some time to explore other subjects as well.

"Cranford Rose Garden"
Oil on canvas
18 x 24 inches

This painting of the rose garden is one of the first paintings that I exhibited publicly. A woman came up to me at the reception and told me that as a child she lived across the street from the Gardens. She also mentioned that it hadn't changed in 40 years. I did this painting way back in 1979 and I'm sure when I go this year to visit once again, the roses will look as beautiful and lush as they have for years.

Oil on canvas
10 x 8 inches

This painting is currently hanging in the room of a friend's young daughter. Perhaps she'll be inspired one day to pick up a paintbrush too. If you have a chance, hop the subway and head out to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this spring. Click this link to check out their website here.

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