Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Opening Reception for "Florin at Warburg" Thursday

Memories and art

"Winter Sunlight"
Oil on canvas
26 x 36 inches

Thursday, September 30th, is the opening reception for the exhibit at Warburg. It was an interesting experience picking out work for this particular show in that it is not in a traditional gallery space. I looked through the racks in the studio and when I saw this painting I knew I wanted to include it. Many of my paintings evoke a memory for me, and often for others who love this city and have either grown up here or have been transplanted and subsequently smitten.

I created this painting back in the 1980's and remember the day I took the photograph that was the inspiration for it. When my parents were alive, they used to enjoy spending a Sunday afternoon on the Lower East Side. We'd eat lunch at Ratner's or Katz's and then stroll and shop in the stores along Orchard Street and the surrounding streets. We were walking around one late afternoon in the winter (we would go in all seasons) and my eye caught this window of a tenement with the winter sunlight catching some of the faded architectural details. As one's sense of smell can often evoke a long-ago moment or memory, so too can a painting. This one brought back a happy memory of a day spent with family in the city I love best.

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Anonymous said...

As New Yorker myself, I know how well this painting captures a winter's day ion the Lower East Side. It brings back family memories for me as well.