Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fine Feathers in the Garment District

Peacocks on parade

"Peacock Freight"
Oil on canvas
11 x 14 inches

A new painting to share today. Not too long ago, my friend Sandy and I were walking around taking photos in the mid-30's, in what used to known as the garment district. Looking up we noticed these beautiful peacocks perched nonchalantly above a nondescript freight entrance, where once upon a time racks of clothing would be whisked in and out, on their way to stores around the country.

The garment district has changed dramatically over the years with much of the clothing once produced on those crowded busy blocks now produced overseas. Yet, many beautiful architectural details still remain on the building facades in this part of town, and coming upon one, such as these beautiful peacocks, is a rare treat.

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LGA Parking said...

It's good to know that some things are preserve no matter how many changes come, in this way, the next generation will gonna appreciate all the beautiful things that once we had.