Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Lower Eastside Shul

"LES #1"
Oil on canvas panel
6x6 inches

Continuing to work on small studies for future paintings. This painting depicts what I suspect was a former shul on the Lower Eastside, judging from the architectural details. The head of a rabbi perhaps with Mogen David's below, carved in stone.

I have many memories of visiting on Sundays when I was a child, to shop and eat in this old tenement neighborhood of New York. My Dad was born on Allen Street and he used to love to take us to Katz's for lunch and then of course my mom enjoyed finding bargains while shopping on Orchard Street. We came home with pickles, halavah, clothes for camp, winter coats and assorted tchotkes.

The area has been greatly gentrified since I was a kid, with lots of hipsters and high-rents changing what had been one of New York's first "shopping malls". Such is the pattern of this ever-changing city.

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