Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thoughts on New York and Hurricane Sandy

No paintings to post today. Have not been able to get to my studio due to the lack of subway service and lack of power in my neighborhood.

Yep, things are kind of crazy around here. No power south of 34th Street. A Con Ed station on 14th Street was flooded and housed many of the transformers to various parts of the city. It was built to withstand 11 ft. of storm surge, but this time the surge exceeded 12 ft. Who said there is no such thing as global warming?

I've stocked up with canned goods as power might not be back for 3-4 days - I hope it WILL be back by then!!!

NO subway service. A lot of flooding, especially in the tunnels under the river. Not sure when I will see my studio again :-(. The stock exchange was closed for 2 days, but reopened today.

It really is a tale of two cities. Once you head north, things seem almost normal. Lights, traffic signals, stores are open, etc. I don't think people in the unaffected areas realize how widespread this really is. Really scary and sad stuff happening in my old stomping grounds of the Rockaways and the shoreline. The Jersey Shore was decimated, my thoughts are with my Jersey friends. As with my friends living on Long Island.

All the young folk are lined up around Starbucks trying to get cell signals. Phone service has been problematical. I kept my landline and have been able to get and make phone calls. Have a battery powered radio, so at least I can keep up with the news.

So many stories will be told about this Hurricane.

I hiked up to my friend Martha's today, on the Upper West Side, about 60 blocks or so, for a hot shower and to recharge my phone. Bus service is back and was free today. But, I made better time walking, as you can imagine if you've ever taken a NYC bus.

Let's hope things are back to normal sooooooon.

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