Wednesday, November 2, 2022

12 paintings on view at LIC Corner Cafe during November


LIC Court Square Station Reflections
Oil on canvas
12x9 inches

"LIC Court Square Station Reflections", 12x9 inches, oil on canvas. Just finished hanging 12 LIC-themed paintings on the walls of the LIC Corner Cafe., located on the corner of 45th Road and 21st Street, one block away from MoMA P.S. 1. A charming neighborhood spot owned and operated by two long-time Long Island City residents. Their scones are out of this world! If you are in the neighborhood stop by, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the art. On view through the month of November.


Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Queens Plaza Reflections 1


Queens Plaza Reflections I
Oil on canvas
12x12 inches

The bustling Queens Plaza traffic hub has seen a tremendous amount of development and construction over a number of years now with no end in sight. The many new glass building facades yield  many interesting reflections, a subject I revisit time and again. In this painting some buildings and the elevated train tracks can be viewed in a very abstracted way.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Marvelous in Midtown


Marvelous in Midtown
10x10 inches
Oil on panel

 I was walking along Sixth Avenue one day when I stopped dead in my tracks by this French bakery's  storefront display. What caught my attention was the GINORMOUS chandelier, glistening and glinting and casting a warm glow over the counters filled with sweet treats. I admit to being a sucker for those crystals as I've always enjoyed my jaunts to the lighting district in the Bowery and have been inspired to create a painting. On googling this new bakery I learned that the chain Aux Merveilleux de Fred has 2 locations in Manhattan and has brought wonderful French baking to our fair city.

If you find yourself on 37th Street one day, you too might be enchanted and motivated to check out this marvelous culinary addition to the streetscape of New York.


Friday, September 16, 2022

NY Artists Equity exhibition "Shifting Balance"

New York Artists Equity Gallery, located on Broome Street on Manhattan's Lower East Side, has a new group exhibition on view through October 1st and my painting, GST Reflections III, oil on canvas, 42x24 inches, is on view. Thank you to artist Fran Beallor for selecting my work, this eclectic exhibition features art in many mediums and styles, a real mixed-bag. I was delighted to see my painting hung prominently in the front of the gallery and visible to passers-by. The opening reception was crowded and noisy, a real throwback of sorts to the gallery openings common in pre-Covid times.


Sunday, August 21, 2022

As Featured on #ArtOnLink


A few of my paintings are popping up all over town on some of the many NYLink kiosks through the #ArtOnLink program from August 15-28 and perhaps longer. A fellow artist captured this one last night and sent it to me. It is a thrill walking along the street and suddenly seeing one of my paintings on view show up for minute, an unexpected treat.

Monday, August 8, 2022

A Long Island City Sunset at the Gantry


LIC-A Gantry Sunset
Oil on panel
6x6 inches

Still documenting the LIC neighborhood where I've had my studio for many years. The Gantry is always an interesting subject that I've revisited several times. This sunset view with the sun setting in the west captures the stark beauty of the Gantry, so integral to LIC's industrial economy back in the distant past.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Deco Splendor on Park Avenue



2 Park Avenue Reflections
Oil on panel
6x6 inches

This new reflection painting study captures some of the Art Deco splendor and especially the unique and colorful architectural terracotta detailing on the facade of 2 Park Avenue. I think that this image just might become a larger painting sometime in the future.