Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Gargoyles Galore!

In addition to being a painter, I also enjoy creating quilts and fiber art, often incorporating NYC imagery into my projects. I was recently commissioned to create a gargoyle themed quilt which I enthusiastically tackled as I have many photographs of gargoyles around New York and thought it would be a fun way to use them. Some of these gargoyles can be found on the City College campus, the Upper West Side and Chelsea among other locations. The three photographs below depict the full quilt, a close up section of one corner and a sample of one of the quilt blocks. Each block was created using the same pattern but I varied the way the fabrics were configured. A nice way to use up a bunch of scraps and as any quilter knows, those scrappy quilts come in handy in diminishing the ever growing pile of left over fabrics. The center of each block features a gargoyle with smaller gargoyles sprinkled around the quilt corners and on the border.

Creating these fiber art pieces is a nice companion to my paintings as I can explore the New York City themes that interest me using a very different and creative medium.