Friday, April 24, 2009

The Puck Building

Houston and Lafayette's gem

"The Puck Building"
Oil on canvas
30x24 inches

The Bowery Boys New York City History blog is a favorite of mine and today's edition features a story on the wonderful Puck Building on Houston and Lafayette. I've painted this site several times over the years. Here are some examples. The impish gold Puck figure is over the main doorway on Lafayette Street as well as on the eastern corner of the building. The ornate ironwork above the doorways are intricate and lovely. When I was a child, I visited the Puck building on a school trip when the building was primarily a printing company. One of my schoolmate's Dad's worked there at the time.

Oil on canvas
40 x 28 inches

Here is view of the side of the building, south of Houston. Lots of pink shutters line the windows facing south and when they are opened at different angles it makes for an interesting and abstract scene. I was walking north on Lafayette Street and when these shutters caught my eye I just knew there was a painting waiting to be done. I really enjoyed working on this piece.

"Small Puck Building"
Oil on canvas
16 x 12 inches

And here is one more, a smaller, more intimate view of the south side of the building. If you're walking around downtown be sure to take a look at this New York City architectural gem.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Rainy April Day in NYC

Rain, rain go away...

"The Blue Umbrella"
Oil on canvas panel
4 x 5 inches

A rainy Monday and I've been spending most of the day in front of the computer instead of in front of the easel. Thought I'd share this rainy day themed painting with you. A small study on a canvas panel, this image is of a figure standing under a blue umbrella reading the menu in a Chinese restaurant's window on Sixth Avenue. Some nice reflections of the passing traffic in the window.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Miro's "New York Frame of Mind"

Check out the show!

Photo of Miro Sinovcic with
"Late Night Rain"

One of the benefits of having this blog has been the other artists I have met online who share my love of New York and often use it as their muse for their own work. Last night I had the pleasure of meeting in person Miro Sinovcic at the opening reception of his show of recent paintings in midtown Manhattan. The large scale canvases were just bursting with color and energy, with subjects such as the Times Square area and Central Park portrayed, among others. The neutral walls of the large corporate lobby space showed off the work very well. Miro's brushwork is very different from my own, with loosely painted bright daubs of color built up to create the image. Impressionistic, somewhat abstract yet very real at the same time.

If you are in the area, check out this wonderful exhibit, located at Show Walls, lobby of 1133 6th Avenue. The show is up through mid-May. For a peek at the paintings in the exhibit click here to visit Miro's blog.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Your Easter Bonnet

Ah, the colors of spring

"In Your Easter Bonnet"
Oil on canvas
36 x 24 inches

The spring holiday season is upon us so today I'm sharing a painting of the Metropolitan Life Tower, lit up in hues of pink, yellow and green. When I first saw the building I immediately thought of the tower donning it's Easter bonnet. I was delighted when several years ago the usually white lights were replaced by really bright colors. This multi-color light display had me grabbing my camera and trying to get some good night photos from which to do a painting, and here is the result. Wishing all who observe the holidays a healthy and happy Easter and Passover.