Monday, April 27, 2015

Diego's Place IV

Diego's Place IV
Oil on canvas
9x12 inches

This is a recent painting of a rooftop view in Long Island City, looking toward the ever-changing Manhattan - and Queens - skyline. A commissioned piece, it was a challenge and I think I've caught the feeling of being up high and looking over the once thriving industrial landscape.

Monday, April 6, 2015

A window show in the Village

On a rainy Friday my exhibit in the Greenwich Gallery Frame Shop was installed. Paul, the organizer of the window shows, did a great job. I selected 12 smaller scaled paintings depicting various neighborhoods around town. This is a new venture for the frame shop and this is the inaugural show. My thoughts about doing this is that I believe many more people will see my work as they pass by then would see it in a gallery setting. You never know and as an artist, you learn to try different approaches to getting the work out there.

Updated info as of 4/20/15: The owner of the frame shop decided to take down the exhibit after 16 days (not the agreed upon month), before the scheduled run was completed. He was unhappy that no sales resulted in that short period of time and decided not to continue with the window show program, choosing instead to display other work. Both Paul, the organizer, and I were surprised and angry and only found out about this turn of events when Paul passed by yesterday and noticed the work had been taken down. I wonder when the owner was going to notify us. This utter lack of respect for artists and their art was the most extreme example we'd ever witnessed. I went over last night to collect my paintings, tell the owner in no uncertain terms what I thought of his actions and decided to chalk this incident up to yet another experience in the life of a working artist.