Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A SoHo Facade


A SoHo Facade
8x8 inches
Oil on panel

This new painting captures the facade of a venerable former SoHo  building on Mercer Street. Once a busy factory it is now home to exclusive loft dwellings and high-end retail. The warm red brick and aging Rosenbluth Bros. sign along with high windows (with reflections of course) make for an inviting glimpse into the neighborhood's past.

Back in the 1980's and early 90's I was a member of the NoHo Gallery on Mercer Street. An artist's cooperative gallery, one of the many galleries that populated the area back then, it was a busy and exciting area. Lot's of art and artists, restaurants, shopping, close to subways - a bustling place. These days I rarely find myself wandering around the area as it has become a destination for wealthy shoppers with many exclusive stores. Most of the galleries have moved on, many relocating to Chelsea and now migrating once again, this time to Tribeca and the Lower East Side. Neighborhoods keep changing, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Still, I am always happy to see the older buildings rehabbed and finding new ways to stay viable and avoiding the wrecking ball.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

New Penn Station Impressions I


Penn Station Impressions I
6x6 inches
Oil on panel

The new Moynihan Pennsylvania Station opened to the public several months ago after many years of back and forth debates and construction. Although it will never replace the beautiful and iconic McKim, Mead and White Pennsylvania Station that was so thoughtlessly demolished in the 1960's, it is a welcome and much improved addition to the existing Penn Station complex.


McKim, Mead and White Pennsylvania Station

What struck me most on entering was the light-filled space with many types of surfaces and reflections creating a welcoming and airy transit hub. The Farley Post Office which occupies a section of the building is now under much needed restoration as well.

This small painting study strives to capture my initial impression of the new station and I plan to continue exploring this architecturally exciting space in several more paintings.