Tuesday, February 13, 2024


5 O'Clock Shadow
Oil on canvas
32x40 inches

A few weeks ago I received an email from an art consultant who was handling the deaccessioning of a corporate art collection and wrote asking if this was my painting and if so, would I want it returned. I replied indeed it was - a commissioned painting created in 1987 of the view from the roof of the offices of a large public relations firm where I'd worked for many years, the last 13 of them in the word processing/desktop publishing department 4pm-midnight shift so that I could paint during the day. 
I explained all and offered a price I'd be willing to pay, explaining that most working artists do not have a resale value and if this painting would go to auction it would probably not fetch what it was worth. Corporations often deaccession their collections upon a merger, a move or a closing. Museums regularly reevaluate their holdings and they too often move works along, especially the many that are in storage, rarely if ever to be on view. Art, once it leaves the studio takes on a life of its own. The client accepted my offer and the painting was returned with some areas that required touch-ups. I let the art advisor know, she let the client know and below is the response I received - needless to say I was delighted.
"In the spirit of being a former employee we would like to gift the piece back to Sharon Florin and appreciate her generous offer. Thank you for the background on the piece and allowing the agency to display for many years."
This painting is now propped up in my studio, minor retouches done and it's looking wonderful. Of course, the view has changed dramatically with all of the new construction projects that have taken place since this was painted but I find myself looking at it remembering the work I was doing over 30 years ago and marvel that this painting has held its own and stood the test of time. A happy ending.