Monday, September 26, 2011

The Players Club

Fabled haunt on Gramercy Park

"The Players Club"
Oil on canvas panel
6 x 6 inches

A haunt of folks in the arts, the Players Club has a long and illustrious history. Nesteld on 20th Street facing Gramercy Park, it's rooms have seen the likes of well-known figures in the world of theater, art, literature and more. In need of some repair, its faded glory still sits proudly in this historic neighborhood of New York.

This sis the third small painting being offered in an eBay auction. To bid please click this link.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Paramount of Times Square

"Paramount Reflections II" (study)
Oil on canvas panel
6 x 6 inches

Here is the second in the group of small paintings that I will be offering on eBay. This painting is of the Paramount Building on 43rd Street and 7th Avenue in the Times Square area. The rooftop clock and globe are a well-known sight. This building has a rich history and the theater hosted many well-known acts over the years. I've painted this building in the past and decided a return visit was in order.

Reflections of buildings in other buildings is an ongoing subject of choice and I'm very happy with this small study. Planning on doing a larger painting in the future.

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This painting has been SOLD.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Metropolitan Museum

A favorite NYC haunt

"Saturday Met"
Oil on canvas panel
6 x 6 inches

I have been working on a number of small-scale paintings over the past few months and will be offering a some of them on eBay auctions in the coming weeks.Curious to see what results, if any, occur and I hope you'll take a look.

Today's painting is a small study of the interior of one of my favorite places, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was looking down on the main lobby which was alive with people and color. This small study might become a larger painting at some point.

If you would like to bid on this painting, click this link.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

10th Anniversary of 9/11

One week and fast approaching...

"Union Square Memorial #1"
Oil on canvas
24 x 36 inches

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 fast approaching, the work of artists who created work will be on view in many venues, big and small. Here are just a few with links for more information.

My 3 memorial paintings of 9/11 will be on view in a comprehensive exhibition hosted by the University of Pennsylvania at Berks in Reading, PA. The Freyberger Gallery, the Yocoum Institute of Arts Education and the Jewish Federation of Reading will each have one of these artworks. The 40 artists selected work in a variety of mediums and the exhibition is sure to evoke many memories and feelings about that fateful event. Here is a link for some more info.

9/11 Memorial Block for "Embodied Light: 9-11 in 2011" at the Educational Alliance, Sept. 9 - Nov. 23, 2011.

Another exhibition of interest created by my studio mate and friend Tobi Kahn is Embodied Light: 9-11 in 2011 at the Educational Alliance in downtown Manhattan, not far from Ground Zero. Tobi has created a sculptural installation of memorial lamps, shrines, a floor installation and charity boxes. In addition he handed out 220 blocks to people that he knew - artists, writers, friends and others - and asked them to share their memories of 9/11. These 220 blocks, a block for each of the 110 floors in the two buildings, create a powerful statement. I watched as they arrived at the studio and was fascinated by their variety and feeling. When I was given my block I knew I wanted to honor the memory of artist Andy Jurinko, who passed away this year. His loft on Cedar Street was in the closest residential building to the Twin Towers and pieces of the planes landed in his home. He and his wife Pat escaped and spent months reclaiming their home, dressed in hazmat suits and exposed to lord knows what. The blocks will be moved around and stacked, constantly changing by those who view them. A book accompanies the exhibition and a Facebook page has been created where you can see more of the blocks at the Embodied Light page at

My friend and fellow artist Donna Levinstone's powerful pastel work created in the aftermath of 9/11 is featured in BORO Magazine.

This upcoming week will be a week of media deluge of the events and aftermath of 9/11. Some New Yorker's are fleeing town, not wanting to be here on the anniversary. I want to be here, the city of my birth, to remember and reflect on this unforgettable event in my city's history.