Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Moon Over Chelsea

Moon Over Chelsea
Oil on panel

6x6 inches

A painting I completed shortly before COVID-19 hurtled into NYC in a big way. This is a night scene in the Chelsea district of Manhattan with a big old moon shining down benevolently on the city that was soon to be utterly changed, for what I fear will be years to come. The governor of New York has stepped up to the plate and has done a great job getting the news out and giving one the sense that someone is in charge in leading us through this pandemic. Hunkered down at home and not painting these days. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

I have my sewing machine fired up though, and have been busy working on some fiber art projects. Painting with fabric.

NYC themed pillow
Machine pieced
16x16 in.

Playbill theme quilt
Machined pieced and quilted