Thursday, May 27, 2021

NYC Ranked Choice Voting


View from 14th Street
Oil on canvas
12x9 inches

This is a big election year for New York City with a host of candidates running for mayor and various offices in city government. A new twist has been added - ranked choice voting - where voters can rank their candidates in order of preference. We'll have to see how that all works out.

A public service campaign has used the work of artists to help get the word out. Delighted my painting was used in this effort. I never know where my paintings will end up, part of the thrill of getting the work out there.

For more information: Link

 #FYEYERCV, @f.y.eye_ny

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Brunch at Chez Josephine


Brunch at Chez Josephine
Oil on panel
8x8 inches

Chez Josephine is a delightful eatery on 42nd Street's Theater Row where friends and I have gathered to enjoy celebratory and leisurely birthday brunches. The restaurant was founded by one of Josephine Baker's children and continues on with another family member and former busboy. The interior is splendid. Paintings, photographs and various ephemera depicting the iconic Josephine adorn the multicolored walls, a piano sits in the middle of the space, chandelier's and wall scones cast warm glows all to create a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy the attentive service and very tasty food.

As everyone is aware, the theater district was very hard hit due to the pandemic with theater's closed and restaurants in the area struggling to survive and hold on until the day when the show must go on. I'm hopeful that Chez Josephine can weather the hard times and continue to be a mainstay in the theater district and where I can continue to meet with friends for future celebrations.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Waiting at the Moynihan Train Hall


Waiting at the New Penn
Oil on panel
6x6 inches

A new small study of one of the waiting areas in the new Moynihan Train Hall, Penn Station's newest addition. Definitely one of my more "Hopperesque" paintings. I tried to capture the feeling of waiting, in this case for a train. The new waiting area is a very pleasant place to wait with nice light from the tall windows, comfortable seating arrangements and plenty of space. Not sure how long this will stay as nice as it is now, but it is definitely a step up from most of the waiting rooms I've seen.