Thursday, May 30, 2019

Another take on Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards Reflections
Oil on canvas
42x24 inches

Hudson Yards, a massive new development in Chelsea's west side recently opened to the public although there is still a lot of ongoing construction to develop the site.

I captured these reflections of the 1912 James Farley Post Office, the main post office in New York, overshadowed with the looming construction of Hudson Yards behind and west of it. Once again, the old and the new in the city, side by side. This new construction is massive in scale to the post office, bland glass facades, a lot of glass, as opposed to the more decorative detailing on stone buildings constructed during the early 1900's. That little pop of red of the crane really stands out.

There is has been a lot of pro and con sentiment regarding this large project but I set that aside when I decided to do this painting as I've been documenting the city and these buildings are now part of the city's architectural landscape, for better or worse. Living not far away, I see these buildings on a daily basis and I'm curious as to how they will eventually be integrated and accepted into the city's consciousness.