Monday, November 28, 2011

Rooms with a view

"Studio View"
Oil on canvas
8x10 inches

In June I saw an exhibit of 19th century paintings, "Rooms With A View", depicting the scenes from artists studio windows. Some of the paintings not only included the outside view, but an interior view as well. That got me to thinking about my studio view, which I've been looking at for many years now, noting the changes through paintings. Last winter, when I glanced out of the window, I was taken with the huge plumes of steam coming from the stacks of "Big Allis", the plant that supplies steam heat to many New York households. My friend's husband works there, and when I noticed the plumes of steam I knew that he was hard at work.

Luckily, my studio view has not changed too much, in spite of the development rampant in LIC over the past ten years. I still have open sky and good light to work by. Sometimes the simple subjects are the most rewarding. Such was the case with this painting.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Artist Beware!

"Ansonia Detail"
Oil on canvas
30x24 inches

Today's post is a public service announcement of sorts. I chose this painting of a gargoyle head on the Ansonia glaring down at passersby to warn artists and others about art scammers. Many artists, myself included, have received email inquiries about our work with an offer to purchase. The writers often want to pay with a cashiers check, are usually in the process of moving overseas, want to handle shipping/pickup, and on and on. The grammar used in the emails is often suspect as well. I received yet another one this week that sounded legit but wasn't. These folks are getting better and better at what they do, so just be very careful if you receive an inquiry. There are several sites that you can check out, with lists of names that have been used, sample letters/emails that have been received, and tips on how to protect yourself and your artwork. Just google "art scams". We artists work too hard to be taken for a ride.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. I for one am very thankful for many things, especially for the fact that I am able to come to my studio and paint, paint, paint!

Monday, November 14, 2011

An architectural detail

"A Downtown Detail"
Oil on canvas
14 x 11 inches

Here is a recently completed painting. One day, while walking downtown, I happened to look up and this architectural detail caught my eye. The graceful curves and offset by the columns made for an interesting composition. It just goes to prove that there is beauty all around us, even in the most mundane of settings. The trick is to stop and take notice.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A reception, an award

The American Artists Professional League Exhibition

Yesterday I attended the reception for the American Artists Professional League's 83rd Grand National Exhibition at the venerable Salmagundi Club on Fifth Avenue. With over 200 works of realistic art in the exhibit, there was a lot to take in. What I especially like about this organization is that they award two scholarships to young artists, who were present. Always slightly surprised to realize I am no longer an "emerging" artist.

I find when I view a show like this one, I can go around the room once, twice, even three times, and still miss something. There were some really fine pieces to be seen, and it is always an honor to have a painting accepted. And, very nice to win an award, which my painting, Flatiron Bird's Eye View did accomplish. Surprisingly, the award was not the usual cash prize but two boxes of acrylic paints, even though my work was listed under oil paintings. I will find a worthy artist to take them off my hands, someone who will hopefully make good use of them.