Sunday, June 30, 2024

A Sunday in June


Some thoughts...

Sunday, June 30. Left the apartment at 9am and headed downtown to the Museum at Eldridge Street to attend a special ceremony in honor of my friend Tobi. The beautifully restored sanctuary was filled with love and spirituality, the speakers all eloquent and I was glad to be a witness to this important event in Tobi's life. He then gave a short tour of his current exhibition downstairs and even though I've known this talented artist for over 40 years, I always learn something new about his art-making process and inspiration when listening him speak about his work. 

My friend Xing Fei  had joined me at the museum and we headed off to more adventures on the Lower East Side. First we located an address on Allen Street as I wanted to see where my Dad had been born. The original building was long gone but I'm glad I finally got to see the place of his birth over 100 years ago.

Further down Allen Street we found the Zhengjuesi-Cheng Chio Buddhist Temple where Fei had worked on the interior sculptures and wall murals as a young art student when she first came to the United States 40 years ago. This women's temple was filled with color, light, and spirituality as well. Two different religious institutions  just blocks away from one another.

All this walking meant it was time to eat. We headed over to Division Street's Dim Sum Palace, a noisy, bustling restaurant filled with happy diners. All my friends know I'm not an adventurous eater, but the steamed vegetable rolls, scallion pancakes and jasmine tea I ordered hit the spot.

Heading back to the F train on East Broadway we crammed ourselves onto a sardine-packed train. A nice young man offered Fei his seat and as she had a long ride back to Queens it was most welcome. Lots of people coming from or heading to the Pride parade. An older gent got on the train all sparkles, colors and tattoos, and he was one among many on the subway today. When I exited at 23rd Street the sidewalks were packed as Sixth Avenue had been closed off for the parade and many more celebrants were thronging the neighborhood.

Made it home tired but happy and as I was opening the door to my building I spotted this beauty.


3pm, a  cool apartment and a welcome shower to wash away the heat and humidity of a New York summers day. A mere 6 hours but what a wonderful way to spend them. A day in New York, is there any wonder why I love this town, even with its many challenges, and how it never ceases to provide inspiration for my paintings. Can't imagine living anywhere else. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month and more memorable days ahead.