Friday, August 28, 2009

The music of the Brill Building

Oil on canvas
24 x 18 inches

I just read that the songwriter Ellie Greenwich passed away on August 26th. She was the writer of songs that were part of the fabric of my growing up years, songs such as "Leader of the Pack". She along with a lot of other musicans toiled away in the Brill Building on Broadway, churning out hit after hit and I remember many of the songs every time I pass by. The facade of the building is really quite beautiful too, if you take a moment to look up.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Some Reception Memories

Friday morning update. Too hot and tired to post a painting but have some other interesting links to share. Mark, a friend and long-ago co-worker brought his 7-year old daughter to my reception a few weeks ago. I had met the daughter when I accompanied them on a visit to MoMA several months back, her first visit to a wonderful art institution. Good to see young eyes being exposed to great art. Thought you might like to read the posting on Mark's blog about my exhibit - some nice photos too. Click here.

Also want to give you a heads up on a bittersweet blog about the city, written by one who grew up on the LES. Click here and take a moment to check it out, I think you'll find it of interest.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


"On & Off the Grid" update

The show is going well and I've enjoyed meeting folks at the gallery and giving them a walk-through of the exhibit. Last Monday a family from Italy visiting NYC for the first time came to see the show and I then gave them a mini walking tour of the nearby neighborhood. Great fun.

Met an English couple the night of the reception who bought "45th Street Reflections". It reminds them of the view from their apartment and evokes their experience of living in the city. Lovely to meet them and I'm glad this painting has found a good home once the show concludes.

"45th Street Reflections"
Oil on canvas
36 x 24 in.

This afternoon a woman I know from Long Island City came by for a studio visit. She had come to the reception and was enchanted with "Franklin Street Reflections" which she purchased today. A popular painting with many people remarking on it's feeling of warmth and the way the shapes meld together. The scene is of a lamp store in Tribeca and the photo I used was taken one afternoon while I was on a lunch break from jury duty. A good idea to always have the camera at the ready.

"Franklin Street Reflections"
Oil on canvas
18 x 24 in.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"On & Off the Grid" on Metrotwin

Another opening, another show...

"Times Square Reflections"
Oil on canvas
30 x 24 inches

This painting is one of the 27 on view in my current exhibit "On and Off the Grid". Times Square is just an avenue away and it seemed fitting to include this painting. Gearing up for tonight's artist reception. Folks have been calling and emailing and I'm expecting a nice turnout. The weather is cooperating - cloudy and cool and I'll happily take that over hot and humid.

Today, the blog Metrotwin ran a nice mention of the show. I've been a contributor to this blog for the past year, writing about "my" favorite New York places. The blog has "twinned" the cities of New York and London and there are lots of interesting recommendations to be found by folks who live in these respective cities. Here's the link

I've asked several friends to whip out their iPhones and take some candid photos during the reception which I hope to post here soon. As my friend Emily wrote, "break a stretcher tonight".

Monday, August 3, 2009

Guss's Pickles leaving the LES

And so it goes...

"Essex Street"
Oil on canvas
20 x 30 inches

Read on the Lost City blog that Guss's Pickles is moving to Brooklyn. Yet another long-time fixture on the LES packing it up and moving out. When I was a kid, my Dad who was born on the LES, used to take us to Orchard Street to shop. We'd have lunch at Katz's or at Ratner's and then walk around. He would always stop and buy a few pickles to take home. I did this painting in 1998 as a commission for a collector who had grown up nearby. We walked around on a sunny Sunday afternoon and I took a lot of photos. This is the one she chose, because this stretch of Essex Street reminded her of the neighborhood as it looked when she was young. Pickles, fire escapes, shop signage, nothing stays the same.

On another note, my current exhibit, "On & Off the Grid" is up and running and many of the subjects in the paintings on view are still standing. I've been getting some good feedback and look forward to the upcoming reception, always a highlight of an exhibit.

"On & Off the Grid"
Durst Organization
Lobby Gallery
1155 Avenue of the Americas
Between 44-45 Sts.
July 30- September 18

Reception: Thursday, August 6, 6-8 pm.