Monday, April 14, 2008

Hanging "Windows"

Exhibit runs from April 15 - May 13

Holiday at Carmine's
Oil on canvas
18 x 24 inches

Two stories to share today that relate to the life of an artist and the life of a New Yorker. First story - I arrived at the studio early this morning, all packed up and ready to hang the show. Checked my email and there was a note from Paul, who runs the window program, confirming that the hanging would take place tomorrow, not today. A quick call confirmed that we'd goofed. No matter how many emails are sent or how many times copy on a card is checked, mistakes happen. Not a big deal, the show will go up tomorrow, but it just goes to show that being an artist just ain't easy sometimes.

The second story is a real New York tale. I was on the subway on Friday evening when a group of out-of-towners came aboard. One woman sat down beside me and asked how to get to Chinatown. After giving her directions I asked where she was from and it seems they were a group of teachers who had spent the past several days sheparding 180 eighth-graders around town and it was the adults night off to have some fun before heading back to Florida the next day. They were heading to Chinatown and then back to the theater district to have dinner at Carmine's restaurant on 44th St. I gave her a postcard to my show which features a painting of the VERY restaurant that they were going to. She and I both got a kick out of that. Who says New Yorker's aren't friendly and helpful.

Ansonia Pharmacy Windows, 10th Street and 6th Avenue. Hope you can stop by to see the show!

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