Monday, May 19, 2008

St. Mary's in LIC

The Long Island City Series continues...

LIC/St. Mary's
Oil on canvas
10 x 8 inches

Continuing with my Long Island City series, I share this small painting of St. Mary's, a lovely old church and landmark on Vernon Blvd. in LIC. With all the changes in the neigborhood, I'm hopeful that this landmark will remain standing proud. The steeple can be seen for miles around and bells do ring at certain hours of the day, giving the area an old-timey feel. Rosetta, an artist raised in Long Island City, commissioned this painting as St. Mary's holds many fond memories for her. We spent a few hours one day walking around the neighborhood while I took loads of photos and this was the one that she chose. It will be a wonderful addition to my upcoming December exhibition at Art-O-Mat, here in LIC. I've several more paintings ready to go so look for more LIC paintings to come.

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