Thursday, August 6, 2009

"On & Off the Grid" on Metrotwin

Another opening, another show...

"Times Square Reflections"
Oil on canvas
30 x 24 inches

This painting is one of the 27 on view in my current exhibit "On and Off the Grid". Times Square is just an avenue away and it seemed fitting to include this painting. Gearing up for tonight's artist reception. Folks have been calling and emailing and I'm expecting a nice turnout. The weather is cooperating - cloudy and cool and I'll happily take that over hot and humid.

Today, the blog Metrotwin ran a nice mention of the show. I've been a contributor to this blog for the past year, writing about "my" favorite New York places. The blog has "twinned" the cities of New York and London and there are lots of interesting recommendations to be found by folks who live in these respective cities. Here's the link

I've asked several friends to whip out their iPhones and take some candid photos during the reception which I hope to post here soon. As my friend Emily wrote, "break a stretcher tonight".


AnyaD said...

Great stuff! Hope it went well

malbonster said...

Hey Sharon - thanks for the mention and I hope all is well with you. I shall be over in November I hope and look forward to it so much. Maybe we'll make it out to 'deep Brooklyn' this time??