Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finding "other venues" to exhibit

Ansonia Pharmacy Art Program Goes Kaput

"Ansonia Pharmacy"
Oil on canvas panel
4 x 5 inches

As a working artist, I am always interested in learning about places to exhibit my work. As so often happens, I find places that are outside the usual gallery environment. The Ansonia Pharmacy Windows was one such place. Located on the corner of 10th Street and Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village, the two windows of this neighborhood pharmacy offered artists a chance to exhibit their work directly to the people passing by and especially for the people living and working in the neighborhood. It became something of an institution. Many viewers would take a moment to go inside the pharmacy and jot down a comment in the artists' guest book and often, sales were made. I was fortunate enough to exhibit in the windows and it was always a wonderful experience. Sadly, the building was sold, the rents jacked up and the pharmacy was forced to relocate. They were able to stay in the neighborhood, moving just several doors down, but the art program has been eliminated as the windows do not offer the same space as in the older location. So, once again, my New York changes, and something is lost.

Here's a link to an article about the Ansonia's move.

On another note, once again I will be exhibiting a painting in a non-traditional space. This time it is a group show through OIA, Organization of Independent Artists. "Aspects of the City" will be on view at the New York Law School, located at 185 West Broadway, from May 24-June 25. Since the subject so suited my work, I decided to participate in this exhibit.

"LIC/Short Triangle"
Oil on canvas
15 x 30 inches

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