Tuesday, May 19, 2015

LIC - The Gantry

LIC Gantry II
Oil on panel
6x6 inches

Had a nice time during the LIC Arts Open Week-end. Saw several shows and visited some artist studios. Several friends from childhood joined me for brunch on Sunday at the Crescent Grill where I have 5 paintings on view in a group exhibition as well as several LIC-themed pillows. The pillows are almost all sold.

We went to see group exhibits in 2 old warehouse buildings, The Factory and the Falchi Buildings. Here we are standing in front of a deconstructed school bus sculpture, a fitting backdrop as we were in grade school together. In addition, I visited the Edison Price Lighting Gallery on Friday and was very impressed with their new gallery space. Among the studios I visited were those of Donna Levinstone, Elinore Schnurr, Zoe Morsette and Chi, all wonderful artists.

In all honesty, this 5-day event is a sprawling affair with way too many events and spaces to attend and visit. You really had to pick and choose. I saw some fine work, but I also saw some awful stuff. There is a lot of bad art being made today and one really has to sift through the junk to find those rare gems.

I'm posting this new study of the Long Island City Gantry today in honor of this past week's events in the neighborhood. Seriously thinking about working this one up into a larger painting.

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