Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Kiehl's on Third Avenue
Oil on canvas
11x14 inches

Just completed this painting of Kiehl's on Third Avenue, a wonderful shop that has been around since 1851. The interior is lit by glittering chandeliers (you might almost imagine yourself in a lighting store on the Bowery) and vintage motorcycles are displayed within. The real draw are the cosmetics and potions that line the shelves and tabletops. A helpful staff in white coats can advise and answer questions and find just the right product for you. I stopped in recently looking for a good hand cream as my fingertips crack in the cold weather and the tube I purchased is helping immensely.

As so many of these small "shops" are disappearing from the New York urban landscape, it is a real pleasure that Kiehl's is still around on their corner of Third Avenue. I caught this scene one evening during the holiday season. The lights from across the street caught my eye and as I am always looking for interesting night scenes, this one fit the bill.

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