Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"The Painter Who Puts Tme in its Place"

This article was published today in the Huffington Post blog. The writer, Nancy Ruhling, has extended her scope past Astoria to include Long Island City characters :-).

Sharon Florin stars in “Astoria Characters: The Painter Who Puts Time in its Place.”


Link to article

Among the photos accompanying the article is a painting on my easel that I had just started working on over the summer. The finished painting is of the old Stern Brothers Department store, now a Home Depot, located on 23rd Street off Sixth Avenue, steps away from the bomb explosion last Saturday evening. So many of the buildings and places I've painted have disappeared, glad this was not one of them. Capturing my city as it changes and disappears, either deliberately or due to a random act, has guided my artistic journey.

PS: This will also appear in the print and digital versions of the Long Island City Journal, a free weekly that comes out on Wednesday afternoon/Thursday morning. Link to article.

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