Friday, August 11, 2017

NYC Relics

Downtown Relics Study
Oil on canvas panel
6x6 inches

I recently read the book "The Gargoyle Hunters" by John Freeman Gill which focuses on 1970's New York, urban renewal and the upheaval as seen through the eyes of a young teen-age boy. The city's upheaval is mirrored in his own families trials and tribulations. An intriguing book.

After reading it I was reminded of a place downtown on Houston Street and 2nd Avenue where a building selling architectural artifacts from demolished buildings were sold. The building itself came crashing down one day. Once the lot was cleared, some of the relics were propped up and stored. I'd had this photo for awhile and the book inspired me to do this small study.

I've painted many gargoyles and architectural details and they are still to be found all over the city, one just has to keep looking. It is a subject I never tire of as they add so much to the character and whimsy of an increasingly bland streetscape.

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