Friday, December 27, 2019

The Washington Square Arch and some thoughts for the New Year

Study for Washington Square Arch
oil on panel
6x6 inches

One last painting to share before the close of 2019. This small study of the Washington Square Arch captures the feel of this iconic and historic meeting place in the Village.

Some thoughts as this year draws to a close. It has been in tough one on many levels. From my perspective, artists are facing many obstacles these days as the way people view and buy art has dramatically changed. Many smaller galleries have closed their doors, unable to compete with the internet where so much of the art being produced is now viewed and purchased. Social media is an important way to help an artist get their work out before a broad audience, but looking at a painting on a screen for a few seconds, if that much, is DEFINITELY not the same as viewing a work of art up close and personal, spending the time to really LOOK and appreciate what went into its creation. There are many hard working artists, giving it their all day after day, and I'm not referring to those who hang a banana on the wall with some duct tape and sell is for an exorbitant amount of money. The art world is a topsy-turvy place and trying to make a living from ones art - in whatever form - is challenging, to say the least.

I think of the many artists who never achieved much, if any recognition during their lifetimes and whose work now hang in countless museums and have found enthusiastic collectors. Imagine if Van Gogh had gotten a positive response to his work and had the opportunity to show and sell his paintings while he was still alive, how different his life might have been.

On a personal note, I just want to say thank-you to everyone who has shown their appreciation and support for my art making endeavors through the years. I decided to make a life as a painter when I was 15 years old, after working with oil paints for the first time. I've held various office jobs, working the day and then the night shifts as a way to support myself and my art. It is always a thrill to see my work hanging in someone's home or in a workplace environment where I know the work has found a home and is appreciated. Meeting and talking with visitors to my art exhibits is always a joy, and talking about the work and what inspired it gives me great pleasure.

Being an artist is a wonderful gift and I'm grateful every day that I have the chance to go to my studio and create. Here's hoping the canvas on my easel and the paints on my palette transform into some wonderful works of art in 2020.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and creative New Year.

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Unknown said...

What a great way to end 2019, which on many levels has been a Tumultuous year. I always enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your posts of new works of art.

Keep painting!