Saturday, January 28, 2023

A Tale of Two Bridges


Wall Street
Oil on canvas
28x52 inches

This first painting, Wall Street, depicts a downtown scene featuring the Brooklyn Bridge and was commissioned by an art dealer for a client back in 1983, 40 years ago! The other day I received an email inquiry from a gentleman who buys the contents of storage units and this painting was included in one of his recent purchases. Asking for information about this painting, I dug back into my files and provided the following information. Sold in 1983 to a company in North Carolina it remained there until the company relocated. It was sold to another collector who had it hanging in her son's room for many years. She wrote to me when she retired and relocated in 2007 asking for information. Fast forward to 2023, it was discovered safely stored in a storage unit and thankfully has found a new home. The gentleman who contacted  wrote: We find all types of things but this is 1 of the best items we have seen and will be in our personal collection, it is our pleasure and the painting is captivating! I'm very happy this painting has held up well and will continue to be enjoyed by this new collector.

Now on to the second painting, 59th Street Bridge Reflections II. Painted in 2014 it depicts reflections of the 59th Street Bridge (renamed the Ed Koch Bridge although most people still refer to it by its former name). After being exhibited in several gallery shows I listed it on the site. Lo and behold, I received an email telling me the painting had just sold. Packed, shipped and received by a new collector in South Africa last week.

59th Street Bridge Reflections II
Oil on canvas
24x42 inches

Once my paintings are sold and leave my studio they take on a life of their own. They might have one or more collectors and tend to travel far more than I do. I'm always happy when I hear about their whereabouts and know that many of them will live on long after I am gone. Hence, the tale of two bridges.



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