Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Springsteen

Turning 60 and still rockin'

"Pink Cadillac"
Oil on canvas
18 x 24 inches

In 1975 I discovered Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Listening to Allison Steele, "the nightbird" on then WNEW-FM, I first heard the intro to "New York Serenade". I was hooked, lined and sinkered after that first listen and have been a fan ever since.

I was inspired to do this painting after listening to the song "Pink Cadillac". It had a beat, it had a groove, it was fun and I loved it. I envisioned a pink cadillac of the 1950's, something that Elvis would have driven, and found a photo to work from. I then took the camera and walked around until I spotted a Honda and a Subaru. I replaced the actual billboards on the wall of a Manhattan street with images relating to the band and ended up with a painting.

The birthday boy is turning 60 and he's still out there, night, after night, after night, giving it all he's got. An amazing performer onstage, the man and the band give it their all and the concerts that I've attended over the years have been more than magical experiences. Last Friday, at the stroke of noon, I was online trying to get tickets for one of the upcoming Madison Square Garden shows in November. Success! My "oldest" friend Elyse, (we've been friends since the second grade) and I are gonna be at the Garden, we're gonna be standing and singing along. Don't know how much longer the man and the band will be doing these types of shows, so I plan to enjoy every moment and experience the magic once again.

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