Thursday, September 23, 2010

2 Upcoming Exhibits in Tribeca and Chelsea

I'm dancing as fast as I can

"The White Restaurant"
Oil on canvas
18 x 24 inches

Getting ready for two shows simultaneously is a challenge, but so far things are moving along. I paid another visit to the Tribeca office of Warburg Realty on Monday and delivered 3 more paintings as there were still some walls that needed work. One of the paintings I selected to exhibit is "The White Restaurant", a painting of the Cowgirl Hall of Fame restaurant also on Hudson Street just up the road apiece in the West Village, north of the Warburg office. This exhibit has been fun in that I've been able to put together an eclectic mix of work from different times in my painting career, unlike the upcoming "Triple Play" exhibit in October/November where I will be showing all new work created specifically around the theme of the Flatiron and Gramercy Park districts.

The shelves in my studio will have plenty of gaps as the work from this summer's PikNik exhibit on Martha's Vineyard is still out of the studio as well. Some paintings have sold, some will be returned, but for now I'm enjoying the space on the shelves and wouldn't be at all unhappy if a lot of the paintings found new homes and I could use the shelf space for new work. An artist can dream...

To read an article appearing in CityBiz List online about the Warburg exhibit click here.

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