Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gordon's Novelty

A Vanishing New York

"Gordon's Reflections"
Oil on canvas
12 x 9 inches

This painting, "Gordon's Reflections" was done several years ago. I caught the reflection of the novelty store in the windows of Just Bulbs, a store across the street. Both stores have "vanished" from the neighborhood. Gordon's has been boarded up and Just Bulbs left the area several years ago.

A blog I follow, "Jeremiahs' Vanishing New York", has recently written about Gordon's and the novelty businesses that have disappeared from the Flatiron district. I sometimes share my paintings with other blogger's when they write about a place that I have painted. Such was the case with "Gordon's Reflections".

One of the upsides of blogging is that I have found other like-minded individuals with interests common to my own, blogging merrily away. Being a painter of the New York urban landscape and capturing the sights before they vanish has been an enduring theme in my work. There are several others who are trying to capture and share their thoughts on a city that they once knew and Jeremiah's Vanishing New York is one.

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laura said...

love the work! check out my site. maybe some has vanished, or will soon. have you painted any one of my images?