Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Andre, the Man with a Van

Delivered the paintings

Show Invitation

Delivered the paintings to the gallery via Andre, the man with the van that I've hired many times over the years to get my work to and from shows. He and his helper packed the work up carefully and off we drove to Manhattan. Man oh man, I hadn't realized what havoc has been created with all of the new street reconfigurations and signage. We couldn't turn left, we couldn't turn right, we wandered way longer than we had to in order to reach our destination. I gave up my car a dozen years ago and I don't miss driving in Manhattan at all, it's become more than difficult.

But the good news is that the paintings are now placed and will be hung over the next two days. There was one wall that need more work so I headed back to the studio and brought in two more paintings - via subway this time. It's a nice selection of work and I'm looking forward to seeing the show hung and lit. The reception is on Thursday, August 6, from 6-8 pm and I'm hoping for a nice turnout.

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