Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Artist Beware!

"Ansonia Detail"
Oil on canvas
30x24 inches

Today's post is a public service announcement of sorts. I chose this painting of a gargoyle head on the Ansonia glaring down at passersby to warn artists and others about art scammers. Many artists, myself included, have received email inquiries about our work with an offer to purchase. The writers often want to pay with a cashiers check, are usually in the process of moving overseas, want to handle shipping/pickup, and on and on. The grammar used in the emails is often suspect as well. I received yet another one this week that sounded legit but wasn't. These folks are getting better and better at what they do, so just be very careful if you receive an inquiry. There are several sites that you can check out, with lists of names that have been used, sample letters/emails that have been received, and tips on how to protect yourself and your artwork. Just google "art scams". We artists work too hard to be taken for a ride.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. I for one am very thankful for many things, especially for the fact that I am able to come to my studio and paint, paint, paint!

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