Monday, November 7, 2011

A reception, an award

The American Artists Professional League Exhibition

Yesterday I attended the reception for the American Artists Professional League's 83rd Grand National Exhibition at the venerable Salmagundi Club on Fifth Avenue. With over 200 works of realistic art in the exhibit, there was a lot to take in. What I especially like about this organization is that they award two scholarships to young artists, who were present. Always slightly surprised to realize I am no longer an "emerging" artist.

I find when I view a show like this one, I can go around the room once, twice, even three times, and still miss something. There were some really fine pieces to be seen, and it is always an honor to have a painting accepted. And, very nice to win an award, which my painting, Flatiron Bird's Eye View did accomplish. Surprisingly, the award was not the usual cash prize but two boxes of acrylic paints, even though my work was listed under oil paintings. I will find a worthy artist to take them off my hands, someone who will hopefully make good use of them.


Melissa B. Tubbs said...

Congratulations Sharon! What a joy it is to see your hard work and perseverance recognized and honored. I enjoy each of your blog posts, seeing what you are working on and getting a bit of history along with it. You are an encouragement to the rest of us!

SJF said...

Thanks Melissa! Sometimes I wonder if folks are really following the blog and then when I receive a comment such as yours I'm motivated to keep it going.