Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gone but not forgotten - Barney's on 17th Street

Barney's on 17th
Oil on canvas

I am currently participating in an artist challenge on Facebook - post 3 artworks daily for 5 days and invite other artists to do the same. I am going through my slides and selecting paintings that I've created of places that have disappeared or are changing dramatically on the New York City urban landscape. Thought I'd share them on the blog as well.

This commissioned painting of Barney's men's store on 17th Street was a challenge in symmetry and I enjoyed painting it. A collector who worked in the garment trade commissioned this painting with a group of his associates to present as a gift to a Barney's executive.

Today, when you walk past the corner of 17th Street and 7th Avenue you will see the Rubin Museum in space formerly occupied by Barney's. One of the "gone but not forgotten" places I've painted, capturing what is here today that might not be here tomorrow.

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