Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Macy's

Oil on canvas

I was relieved to hear on the radio this morning that a strike at Macy's flagship store on 34th Street and Herald Square had been averted. This is my go to destination whenever I need to shop for clothing and has been for years. Often I go as a "hunter gatherer" as my friend Lois would say, but sometimes with friends for some "retail therapy." It is fun and looking for bargains and using coupons never fails to get me some nice new duds.

This painting is an early one, painted back in 1979. It is the way the main floor looked back then. Soft lighting, crystal chandeliers, floral bouquets, and crowds of shoppers. The crowds haven't disappeared but the main floor went through an extensive renovation not to long ago and is now gleaming, shiny white surfaces with high-end retailers commanding the space. I always head upstairs to the more affordable merchandise and I have to admit that I miss the old look and feel of the store. Glad that some of the original wooden escalators are still in service, a reminder of an older time.

I love this painting and it has been hanging in my home since it was completed. It has never been exhibited, maybe one day it will.

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